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                        Welcome To The Road Dragons Portal

In 1980, the Road Dragons started in Yongsan, Seoul, Korea with some friends who shared an interest in dirt bikes. They got together on weekends and rode to Gimpo where there was an area they could stir up some dust and spend the day doing something they all enjoyed, motocross. Over the years the club grew and so did the bikes.  As the number of paved roads in Korea began to grow, the club evolved into a riding club and started touring around the Republic of Korea.  Besides the weekend jaunts around Korea, the club began supporting community activities as a way to increase rider participation and promote riding.  The club started riding in parades, on and off post; collecting donations for local orphanages and supporting community events.

 Riding remains the primary focus for the club.  We have gained recognition and acceptance in both the American and Korean communities.  A few years ago, the club became more organized. We adopted a constitution and bylaws and elected officers. We remain a not-for-profit organization recognized US Army Garrison Yongsan (USAG-Yongsan).  As motorcycle fatalities began to increase within the U.S. Army, the Yongsan Motorcycle Club was one of the first clubs to develop and implement a Motorcycle Mentorship Program. We not only mentor our new riders, but also dedicate time to the Community to support beginner riders that ask for our assistance.

 As riders come to Korea and then depart, we have made some great friends over the years who share our passion to ride.  We are an open membership riding club with members riding virtually all major makes and models of motorcycles.  We had several annual rides to the four corners of the Republic of Korea and all spots in between.  There also also many day ride and weekend overnight nighttrip during the riding season.  OUr members also have unscheduled rides when get the urge to get out of Seoul. 

 The Road Dragons welcome all newcomers to our ranks, anyone who rides or is thinking about riding in Korea.   We are an open riding club made up of DoD Personnel, Expats and local nationals in Seoul, South Korea.

  We welcome any make/model of motorcycle, but it must be over 400cc for safety reasons. So come out and join us if you are be looking to have fun, meet new friends and enjoy the ride...... 


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See you out on the road!

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